Rentals & Delivery

Cupcake Stand Clear Acrylic, holds up to 100 cupcakes. $150 Deposit, $100 Refund

Cupcake Stand Ivory painted wood, holds 200+ cupcakes. $150 Deposit, $100 Refund

Pedestals Clear Acrylic, can be used for cakes or cupcakes. $100 Deposit, $75 Refund

Wooden & Plastic Plates  $50 Deposit, Full Refund

Fountains $50 Deposit, $25 Refund

Mirros $50 Deposit, $25 Refund

Antique Silver Tray $200 Deposit, $150 Refund

All rented items must be returned clean and in good condition. Fountains must also be returned clean and in working condition. All cakes require a 25% down payment. Floral needs must be arranged with a florist. 

Delivery and setup are free within a five-mile radius. After the initial five miles, delivery costs $1.00 per additional mile. 

Delivery is offered for any cake in need of off-site assembly.